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Rogue Lux
•❅ •
blood crystal pendents

Locally Prospected Hematite Quartz Crystals

Hand Forged by Amy Symonds

•❊• Blood Iron Crystals •❊•
•  Hematite Quartz Talismans •

Set in Sterling Silver


I love repurposing elements from my silver scrap bin. Most of the construction of these mystical pendents are from my mistakes and my cuttings, melted bezels, scrap wires, wrecked stamps, and objects tossed from another project. I carefully save them to fabricate together, creating a lawless, destroyed, found Relic. These chunky large crystals are locally prospected from Red Feather,Colorado area in the Rawah Mountains.


Each pendent is a one of a kind relic of rustic texture and patina.


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