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Rocky Mountain Jypsi Tink


Calamity Pass Trading Company features Amy's handmade designs and collections inspired by her mountain lifestyle.  

She hand forges rugged mountain jewelry through silversmithing and lapidary.  Her work is inspired by her history and life of being connected to the wild. She incorporates her deep appreciation for the natural world into her work, hoping to capture the jagged edge of western wilderness, people and spirit.  


Most of Amy's handmade items are one of a kind, and include other mediums such as her occasional collections of intricate leather Mountain Bags and hand burned leather work gloves.

She created an exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters in Malibu, CA and New York City, NY.

​Amy grew up in the Rocky Mountains near the Colorado/Wyoming border at an abandoned 1940's rock mine. She spent her childhood days exploring the old mill on roller-skates, or riding motorcycles and snowmobiles with her sisters around the wild mountain peaks, collecting rocks, flowers, and old bottles.


Her mother was a seamstress and artist, her creativity constantly entertaining and inspiring Amy and her sisters. Her father was the caretaker of the mine and an outdoorsman, always snowplowing the road from their isolated cabin to the highway, hauling in water, teaching them how to dress out an elk.

She is now married with one son, two cats, two dogs and three foxes. She still lives in the Medicine Bow Mountains, in a rustic, isolated cabin near her childhood home.​

From the seeds of her brick and mortar vintage/western stores, she created Calamity Pass Trading Company, and has now focused her artistic expression to hand making and design.  "Calamity Pass" gets it's name from a high mountain, cheek-squeezing, dirt, logging pass in the Never Summer Mountains.

Amy and her husband host a rugged Airbnb/ Cabin Rentals on their property in Colorado, very near the Wyoming border.  Take a look at their beautiful property and cabin rentals here.

 If you are interested in stocking Amy's artwork, visiting her cabins, or hosting a pop up please contact her.


Logo Art by Wendy Shaw



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