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❅SNIDOW❅ Hand Crafted Custom Badger Mountain Bag ❅

❅SNIDOW❅ Hand Crafted Custom Badger Mountain Bag ❅


Handcrafted Mountain Bag by Amy Symonds


This one of a kind custom bag features:

❅ Locally sourced Badger Fur Pelt

❅ Smoke Elk Leather

❅ Hand Cut Fringe

❅ Recycled .22 Bullet Shell Jingles (shot, gathered and reused by Amy)

❅ Leather Lining

❅ Tin Cone Jingles

❅ Hand Burned Antler Buttons

❅ Brass and Silver Metal Vintage Sequins

❅ Hand Stiched Details

❅ Vintage Micro Mosiac Shell Buttons

❅ Hand Laced

❅ Leather Strap


  • Specs

    entire bag measures approx 2.5 feet from top of bag to bottom of fringe


    actual bag capacity is 10" x 8"


    strap is 42" and slightly adjustable

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