As women, we are here to mother each other.


 Whether we are sisters, friends, aunts, daughters, collegues or mothers, it is our

gift and responsibility

to instill our magic, knowledge and confidence in especially each young girl we share our lives with.


 There is nothing I love more, when we are putting together these projects, than watching these amazing girls

-each members of my family-

love and encourage each other,

to be themselves.



xo, Amy


special thanks to the talented Miriam Doan for travelling from

Chicago to shoot this lookbook



Location     Never Summer  ❅  Medicine Bow Mountains   North Park, Colorado


Photography    Miriam Doan @lowandlush


Music     Alela Diane


Models     Josi Kurtzer  ❅  Kia Gill ❅ Sayla Misae Clarke ❅ Megan Gill ❅ Avalon Gill


Make Up     Megan & Kia Gill     ❅     Hair    Wendy Gill


Set & Styled      Amy Symonds   @Calamity Pass Trading Co