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Alpine ❅ Jypsi
Alpine ❅ Jypsi

Location     Gonzales Tree Services Log yard   ❅  North Park, Colorado


Music     Shawn James and the Shapeshifters


Models     Josi Kurtzer  ❅  Rachel Peters  ❅  Megan Gill  ❅  Kia Gill


Photography     Lindsay Peters  ❅  Amy Symonds


Make Up     Megan Gill     ❅     Hair    Wendy Gill


Set & Styled      Amy Symonds   ❅   Wendy Gill Art


Special Thanks to     Rex and Kris Shaw  ❅  Gonzales Tree Services  ❅  Wendy Gill Art  ❅  Lindsay Peters

Location     Gonzales Firewood Logyard  ❅  North Park, Colorado 
Music     Shawn James and the Shapeshifters
Models      Josi Kurtzer      Rachel Peters   ❅   Megan Gill    Kia Gill
Photography      Lindsay Peters      ❅      Amy Symonds
Make-up   Megan Gill             Hair Wendy Gill
Set & Styled by     Amy Symonds          Wendy Gill

Special Thanks to :      Rex & Kris Shaw   ❅   Tammi Gonzales      Wendy Gill Art   ❅   Lindsay Peters
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